Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spiraladder?

We help teens teach themselves to code.

How can you help me learn to code?

You'll learn to code by completing coding challenges and building projects. You'll also earn verified certifications along the way.

Is Spiraladder a replacement for a 4-year degree?

No. Please don’t drop out of college just to pursue Spiraladder. You can pursue both concurrently. Even though you don’t need a 4-year degree to work as a software developer, it still helps a lot.

Should I complete all of the coding challenges in order?

Yes. We’ve put a lot of thought into how we introduce concepts.

Do I have to use CodePen for the front end projects?

As long as your code is publicly viewable somewhere on the internet, and you have a live demo, you can use whatever tools you want.

Can my company advertise on Spiraladder?

We don’t show ads.

Where can I get technical support for using the Spiraladder platform?

The best place to get answers is the forum.